The best Tokio Hotel photos I took during the years. Copyright by Pascal Parvex.

All photos on this site can be bought in their original resolution for private use for 1000 eKaulitz per image. eKaulitz is an exclusive Tokio Hotel themed cryptocurrency token. To learn more about it, click the button. There is also a collection of scans from German magazines.

19th February 2006

Stadthalle Dietikon

20th February 2006

Stadthalle Sursee

30th April 2006

Festival at HB, Zurich. Pictures taken for me by my friend Mona.

4th June 2006

Hessisch-Lichtenau, Kassel

31st March 2010

Hallenstadion, Zurich

15th March 2015

Volkshaus, Zurich

27th March 2017

Volkshaus, Zurich

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